Weddings &
Special Occasions

At the SideDoor Salon we have a team of stylists, including owner Andy Mendoza who specialize in weddings. We offer a diverse range of styles to accommodate your unique profile – from the elaborate and intricate to the simple and elegant. Working together, we will identify a style that expresses your personality and accentuates your beauty.


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On-location Wedding Hair

We cover national and international weddings, not just the Colorado region. Our team comes to you, whether it be your home, hotel, cabin in the mountains, or Paris, France. We are punctual, efficient and professional so you can rest assured that our work will be smooth, stress-free and timely on the day.

Wedding Hair Trial

We highly recommend booking a trial before your special day. In a relaxed environment, we will discuss your ideas, experiment and deduce the perfect style that will satisfy your vision. We recommend bringing any hair ornaments, jewelry or any accessories you might have on the day. The price for this trial is included in the contract if and when you book with us.

Pre -Wedding Styling

Pre-wedding shoots are becoming ever more popular . These shoots can help you build a rapport with your photographer and stylists. They are also an excellent opportunity to both experiment and ensure you feel right with your chosen style in advance of the big day. Whether you would like us to stay on shoot with you or to create a beautiful style beforehand, we will have you covered with a wide range of hair styling services. We have done many pre-wedding events and we will help you discover the perfect look for the shoot.

Bridal Party Prep

In addition to the individual needs of the bride, we can also accommodate all wedding party members. We work alongside many highly regarded make-up artists and wedding professionals, so if you would like a recommendation be sure to let us know.

Special Occasions

We also accommodate for specials occasions. Whatever your event may be, we will provide the same professional and stylistic services as described above.

Please contact our concierge for pricing and availability.