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Women’s Cuts

Shampoo/ Blow Dry







Healing Hairstylist, Color Specialist, & Haircuts

I refer to myself as “ The Healing Hairstylist”. I have been in this industry since the early 2000 and I fell in love with this path and the one on one connections with clients. I hold these relationships so close to my heart. I specialize and am certified in color, balayage, highlights, as well as hair cutting. I love keeping up with the newest trends and continuing my education.


Being an artist is one of my greatest passions as well as healing. I’m also a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Reiki and Theta healer, certified yoga instructor and I also teach meditation. I offer ritual haircuts to transform or help clients release and let go of things that no longer serves them. I love incorporating Healing and Hair creating where hair and inner peace may meet.


Did you know hair is a powerful fiber that says who you are and can also reveal your Higher Self? I believe hair can be treated with thoughtful care and reveal a version of your Higher Self.


My experience has taught me to not categorize everyone’s hair the same, as everyone has different densities, textures and desires. I utilize the knowledge I have gained through all of my education and journey to understand and connect with my clients. 

**Nicole requires a $50 deposit for ALL new clients. (deposit will go towards final service cost)**

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