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Kiki Feenstra


Q:I became a stylist because... A:I love making people feel great and I love the art of hairdressing Q:My specialties are... A:Color, haircuts and extensions Q:My artistic Muse is ... A:Fashion and runway Q:If I could have dinner with anyone, anywhere in the world it would be with ... A:With my husband in Italy Q:If I could subscribe to just one magazine it would be... A:Lucky Q:My favorite Summer memory is... A:With my family at the lake house in Sweden Q:If I had to downsize, I would get rid of... A:My TV and car Q:If I had an unlimited budget and one hour to shop I would go to ... A:'Fifth Avenue' and buy clothing and accessories Q:The best voice I have ever heard is... A:My Grandma's saying 'live one day at a time'